Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guard duty

Bleh, just my luck to hit the jackpot to do guard duty, so much for regimental duty >_<|||. Spend more than 24 hours in camp instead cause I thought i will be late then I book in WAY TOO EARLY >_>. Worse, I was shocked and dismayed that my platoon mate brought so little stuff whereas i brought a lot of stuff and he didn't bother to tell me. So much for the "3 don'ts" which consists of "Don't care", "Don't know" and "Don't bother" !@#$%^&*. Anyway, the time spent in guard duty was kinda fun yet boring due to the low morale. I was the 2nd detail for prowling duty, which means just patrol around with checkpoints to meet up. As guard duty is being done in shifts, we had 4 hrs break in between the 2 other details XD. My platoon mate who was in the same detail sure can !@#$%& snore which affected me for at least 2hrs >_<. Bah I now wishing that after knowing my posting tomorrow, I will NOT be doing guard duty during block leave, it fails big BIG time.

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