Sunday, December 23, 2007

Posting of Vocation

21st dec, the day when my posting is known. Kthx, guess what i posted to. Suffer in silence plus extra confinement. Hurray! <_< What a Xmas gift made of pwnage. Gonna report on the 26th, T_T

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guard duty

Bleh, just my luck to hit the jackpot to do guard duty, so much for regimental duty >_<|||. Spend more than 24 hours in camp instead cause I thought i will be late then I book in WAY TOO EARLY >_>. Worse, I was shocked and dismayed that my platoon mate brought so little stuff whereas i brought a lot of stuff and he didn't bother to tell me. So much for the "3 don'ts" which consists of "Don't care", "Don't know" and "Don't bother" !@#$%^&*. Anyway, the time spent in guard duty was kinda fun yet boring due to the low morale. I was the 2nd detail for prowling duty, which means just patrol around with checkpoints to meet up. As guard duty is being done in shifts, we had 4 hrs break in between the 2 other details XD. My platoon mate who was in the same detail sure can !@#$%& snore which affected me for at least 2hrs >_<. Bah I now wishing that after knowing my posting tomorrow, I will NOT be doing guard duty during block leave, it fails big BIG time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Say goodbye to our towns in GE

15th dec, the defense of Coimbra Nimrod Bridge failed, as the mobz were too overpowered for the pioneers to handle. The mobz's AOE skills killed our brave pioneers as though as they were paper, leaving a pile of bodies behind laying around the bridge. At approximately 1745hours, the invasion succeeded and now Port of Coimbra and the City of Auch are now occupied by high level mobz. Oh noes >_<|||

Thursday, December 13, 2007

13th Dec (Start of ownage of the Chipmunk)

13th Dec, the day whom akabane, known as davis or Alvin the Chipmunk will be enlisted into N*tio*al Sl*v*ry. He is 1 lucky Chipmunk I say, as he wont be confined for 1 weekend due to the upcoming public holidays, hax it, to book out from confinement without getting any medical status is good, as you won't be labelled as someone who will "Chao Keng", a term that is commonly used to indicate that you slack during training. In any case, lets wish our dear chipmunk a happy and wonderful NS life lawl. Life sucks though, as I gonna have regimental guard duty on the 19th, may or not have the chance to meet up with the chipmunk, haxxxx.

PS: Xent, WG and me is 1 rank higher than akabane, so lets see what we can do to him once he book out. hurhur

11th Dec (The end of the start, the beginning of a new)

11th DEC 2007, THE ONE DAY WHERE EVERYBODY ENLISTED WERE WAITING FOR, POP (Passing-out Parade). Hurray to everyone from Viper company who passed out from BMTC 2. Many thanks to our commanders and platoon mates who had suffered, endured all those tough times. Rejoice my friends, this is just the end of the start, but not the end of everything, its just the beginning of a new start in our NS life. Stay frosty and 2 years will be over ^_^

14th Sept (the start of ownage for WG and my course mates)

Hoho, its 14th, welcome to N*tio*al Sl*v*ry guys XD. Meh, found out that they were posted to Taurus Company, the company that is opposite of Viper. Not too bad, heard some gossips that Taurus Company is kinda slack, so deep inside I was quite envious of them. But it isn't as what gossips were, it seems that after they finish with their issuing of equipments and packing of their stuff, they were ordered to run to the chin-up bars to pull. Zomg, so TOM-like. For reference of TOM, look for the description at panther's blog.

13th Sept (The start of ownage)

13 Sept, the date which none can forget, the enlistment into N*tio*al S*a*e*y. Edric accompanied my parents to send me off. Meh, it was 1 day I will never forget, when you got military laws on you, pink IC got taken away from you, the unwillingness to serve that 2 years, demoralized, whatever negative emotions there are, all surfaced in just 1 day >_> . In any case, after we were led to the audit for oath taking, we were served with nasi lemak (a local dish where coconut favored rice is served with fried chicken, peanuts with ikan bilis (fried small fish) and chilli). Man, I will give it a 7.5/10 for that dish, after all, Edric did said that this will be 1 of those many dishes being served that actually tasted better than the rest. After dinner, its the start of our "new" life in a "new" environment with a "new" room that is shared with my section mates. Meh, those that enlisted were strangers to me, hax it, all my friends, for e.g, WG(Wen Gan), KC (Kee Chong), Fang Hao, are enlisting on the 14th, i would rather join them instead being here :(. After we were being sorted out in different platoons and sections, I am officially in Viper Company, Platoon 1, Section 1. Whee! After issuing of items, equipments that is needed, we went up to our "new" home aka bunk, we started to pack our barang barang and began introductions among our section, then we called it a night.

PS: Wonder do they even change the beds and pillows, its filled with yellow spots x999999 everywhere ("-_-)

A new beginning

Lets see, after all those blogs' influence by my friends, think it is time I also join in and start with my own blog. Besides, having a blog of my own may have pros and cons but hax it. This blog shall more or less contains rants, gaming jokes and finally, things that i need to reflect on. So ya, lets get this going.