Thursday, July 3, 2008

Facts about F' up Life

Though this seem like a dead blog due to my laziness and refusal to actually update, due to work, play etc, bah who cares. Think i gonna rant over my work life right now.

For just only 1 month i started working, my colleagues said that my personal attitude to work is like.. wrong? How wrong? Lets see their point of arguement.

1) Just because I am new, and they already been there for like 7 months, so I consider them as "Lao jao" a term for more experienced, so they kept going throwing things on me to do, which is fine with me, cause this does allow me to get some tiny weeny experience on how things work in my workplace. But then, things started to go wrong.. They say i like to avoid things and rather ask for help from them instead of me handling myself. I was like.. wtf? If i don't ask for help, i handle it myself, then at the end, they also unhappy. K fine. So it seems to me that, if i don't work, they kb me, and EVEN if i do work, and maybe have some screw up here and there, i also kena, wth. Not as though my superior isnt that happy on me, i find that they just displeased with me.

2) I dunno what kind of system is this, just because i not feeling well, and i went to report sick and take some medication, and i went back to bunk to rest, they say i show attitude and patterns, like as though i am the king. I even tio lectured by my colleague whom i DON'T see eye to eye with. F'ed up JC students. If he wanna be so that strict on me, then go request for a promotion la, kb so much over dun wanna be promoted to higher rank, what bull shit is that. We for now are of the SAME FUGGING rank, dont bs with me.

Nm i gonna suck it all up and see how this 2nd month of my work life goes. If i can't bottled it up anymore i think i will just go give him a piece of my mind.

F'ed up workplace
F'ed up life
F'ed up people

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Re-entry to Lineage2

Lineage2 has left some cool, fun experiences last time while I was still in poly. And now, because I dun feel like playing my ps2 console, i decided to head back to Lineage2 for the sake of fun, joy, pwnage and experiment of characters. The server which i'm playing can be found here
For those who are interested to join me, feel free to pm my character "Katima" in game :)

OOC incoming

Oh well, the news about me on the OOC list is what I expected. After all, throughout my course, my attendance is poor because of my lower back pain which still clunging on to me for so damn long ever since the 2nd week of my course till now, plus i totally screwed up being an IC. Things are gonna get worse if this keeps up, I may attend finish the course but I cant pass. T_T Things doesnt bode well to me, i need to buck up, but i cant with my back that hurts. Man i am so pissed.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New addons

Whee, thanks to Hirito's help, just got some cool addons on the blog here. ^_^ Thanks alot dude!


Oh well, kinda seem long since i updated this, but yeh, i now officially own a PSP of my own WHEE

Friday, March 21, 2008


Whee! I gonna get my VERY own personal psp after seeking consultant from my mum! Finally it will be in my hands in the next few hours. Now i worry how to pay for the figurines =x

Pre-ordered stuff

Hell yeah... Dunno what happened but due to the influence of my fellow pals, I got myself into this figurine craze, which led me to start pre-ordering figurines and the likes. So far pre-ordered figurines are Reinforce Zwei from "Nanoha StrikerS", Mikuru from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and Elwing from "Shining Tears X Wind". I wonder why did i even bothered to even order that Mikuru figurine <_<, camp ="x.">_<

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So much has happened during my life as a trainee that I dont even have the time to even blog about anything, not even the day when we welcome the year 2008. Meh Trainee life in Bravo Coy was... damn exciting and satisfied. How to say, i find that life in SISPEC was 1 of the best i ever led ever since the start of my NS life... Got my rank up + 2 after our graduation march on the 4th of March, and guess what........ I got posted to be a MP spec.. <- Holy wtf... Now learning new stuff there though its a little half-hearted :(. Think i gonna try my best and pull through this..