Thursday, December 13, 2007

13th Dec (Start of ownage of the Chipmunk)

13th Dec, the day whom akabane, known as davis or Alvin the Chipmunk will be enlisted into N*tio*al Sl*v*ry. He is 1 lucky Chipmunk I say, as he wont be confined for 1 weekend due to the upcoming public holidays, hax it, to book out from confinement without getting any medical status is good, as you won't be labelled as someone who will "Chao Keng", a term that is commonly used to indicate that you slack during training. In any case, lets wish our dear chipmunk a happy and wonderful NS life lawl. Life sucks though, as I gonna have regimental guard duty on the 19th, may or not have the chance to meet up with the chipmunk, haxxxx.

PS: Xent, WG and me is 1 rank higher than akabane, so lets see what we can do to him once he book out. hurhur

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