Thursday, December 13, 2007

13th Sept (The start of ownage)

13 Sept, the date which none can forget, the enlistment into N*tio*al S*a*e*y. Edric accompanied my parents to send me off. Meh, it was 1 day I will never forget, when you got military laws on you, pink IC got taken away from you, the unwillingness to serve that 2 years, demoralized, whatever negative emotions there are, all surfaced in just 1 day >_> . In any case, after we were led to the audit for oath taking, we were served with nasi lemak (a local dish where coconut favored rice is served with fried chicken, peanuts with ikan bilis (fried small fish) and chilli). Man, I will give it a 7.5/10 for that dish, after all, Edric did said that this will be 1 of those many dishes being served that actually tasted better than the rest. After dinner, its the start of our "new" life in a "new" environment with a "new" room that is shared with my section mates. Meh, those that enlisted were strangers to me, hax it, all my friends, for e.g, WG(Wen Gan), KC (Kee Chong), Fang Hao, are enlisting on the 14th, i would rather join them instead being here :(. After we were being sorted out in different platoons and sections, I am officially in Viper Company, Platoon 1, Section 1. Whee! After issuing of items, equipments that is needed, we went up to our "new" home aka bunk, we started to pack our barang barang and began introductions among our section, then we called it a night.

PS: Wonder do they even change the beds and pillows, its filled with yellow spots x999999 everywhere ("-_-)

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